JHS Pedals clone list

JHS Pedal Original Notes
4 Wheeler ZVex Woolly Mammoth
73 Rams Head Replica EHX Big Muff
808 Ibanez TS808
All American Fuzzrocious Rat Tail
Angry Charlie MI Audio Crunch Box
Astro Mess Devi Ever Hyperion
Bun Runner Devi Ever Hyperion and Tone Bender
Charlie Brown General Guitar Gadgets BSIAB
Colour Box Neve preamp
Double Barrel Ibanez TS808 and Marshall Bluesbreaker 808 and Morning Glory 2-in-1 pedal
Honey Comb EA Tremolo
Klon Replica Klon Centaur
Mini Bomb Duende JFET
Mini Foot Bazz Fuss
Morning Glory Marshall Bluesbreaker
Mr. Magic ZVex Super Hard-On
Panther Cub EHX Deluxe Memory Man
Pulp 'N' Peel Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer
Superbolt RunOffGroove Supreaux
Sweet Tea Ibanez TS808 and MI Audio Crunch Box 808 and Angry Charlie 2-in-1 pedal